10 Types of celebrations people make on the 31st December


31st December is the last day of a year and chaala mandi want to make the goodbye a memorable one inorder to welcome another year memorably. Friends tho or family tho we tend to celebrate this day and be together all night to celebrate the welcoming of the new year!ila chaala mandi chaala types ga enjoy chestharu. Here are a few of them.

1. The dancing dolls1newyear-celebrationsThese people want to make sure they give a dancing goodbye and a dancing welcome. Entha time aina kuda we see them dancing. Ekada dance cheyyaniki possible unte akada party cheskuntaru!

2. The drinking dolls2newyear-celebrationsThese people check for the drinks available at any venue before confirming it. Taaguthu bye cheptharu..and welcome ela chepparo marchipotharu.

3. The religious dolls3newyear-celebrationsThese people go to the temple on the 31st of night and make sure to take the blessings of God on the welcome of the new year.

4. The house-party dolls4newyear-celebrationsThese people plan before hand for organizing a house-party at their homes. Bayata ekkado velladam kante it is happier to gather and have fun at our anyone’s place.

5. The no-party dolls5newyear-celebrationsThese people think it is too mainstream to party outside or they find seclusion at their houses and enjoy the new year with the house! Sometimes feels so peaceful.

6. The travelling dolls6newyear-celebrationsThese people check which place other than the one they are living has nice party atmospheres or any place that can make their new year eve special. Akadaki jump aipotharu.

7. The foodie dolls7newyear-celebrationsThese people go to some best-offer-for-food places on the 31st night simply because anything can ditch anyone but not food!

8. The social working doll.8newyear-celebrationsThese people find it happier helping other kids on this night than spending money on other parties. On this very day endukante…they like doing these things on special occasions.

9. The birthday dolls9newyear-celebrationsThese people have their birthdays on the 1st of January and have a blast celebrating for their birthday.

10. The lovey-dovey dolls10newyear-celebrationsThese people love to have this eve celebrated with their love! It cant get more beautiful.