12 Telugu movies that are based on Real-Life Incidents!


1. Rakhta Charitra (Part -1,2)1Real-Life-IncidentsThis film is a two-part movie based on gang wars and political conflicts between Paritala Ravindra and Maddela Cheruvu Suri in Rayalaseema.

2. Gautami Putra Satakarni2Real-Life-IncidentsThis is a story of ruler of the Satavahana Empire in present-day Deccan region of India and how he aspired of making the country a single nation.

3. Bezawada3Real-Life-IncidentsThe film is based on real life incidents and some gang wars between Devineni and Vangaveeti families in the city of Vijayawada during the 80s and 90s.

4. Shiva4Real-Life-IncidentsThis film was based on RGV’s experiences as a student one of the colleges.

5. Rudramadevi5Real-Life-IncidentsIt depicts the brave life and circumstances faced by Queen Rudhramadevi and Kakatiya Dynasty during her reign.

6. Malupu6Real-Life-IncidentsThe film is inspired by a real incident that happened over a decade ago, says its director Sathya Prabhas Pinisetty. It’s about an incident that happened to his friends, and it changed their perspective about life completely.

7. Kshanam7Real-Life-IncidentsThis movie is taken from the real life incident that Adivi Sesh witnessed. They made it into a fictional story with all the gripping elements.

8. Antahpuram8Real-Life-IncidentsKrishna Vamsi’s Antahpuram was based on Not without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoodi which was a true story.

9. Premalo Padithe9Real-Life-IncidentsThe climax was completely inspired by a real incident that happened in the North where as the entire plot was a spunned backwards.

10. Avataram10Real-Life-IncidentsThe story is based on an incident in Kerala that the filmmaker came across recently. It’s about a woman who takes the devil head-on with her ability to do something extraordinary. Some changes were made to the original story and adapted it to the screen.

11. Na Bangaru Thalli11Real-Life-IncidentsThis movie touched many hearts with terrific performances and direction exploring true effects of sex-trafficking and exposure of trust. This film is based on real life story of Dr. Sunitha Krishnan.

12. Dheerga Sumangali Bhava12Real-Life-IncidentsS.V. Krishna Reddy, the director of this movie received several letters from a women named Vani to make a movie about circumstances occurred in her life.