12 things that happen only in Indian Serials


Indian Serials are kinda funny for obvious reasons! No offense for all who like and watch them. 5000 episodes minimum undali asalu 😛 All day full makeup and heavy attires and crazy jewelry eskuntaru! The funniest is they dress up the same way even while sleeping. Chaala things that are so funny about serials. Here is a funny take on things that happen only in Indian Soaps.

1. Women love sleeping, eating, going out and doing everything in heavy jewelry only and the fanciest clothes !1serial

2. If the hero or heroine dies at some point in the serial, asal worry avvodhu. He/she will wake up from the death and come back. Deeniki there is a 99.99% chance.2serial

3. Episode numbers increase cheyyadaniki, all of a sudden plot marchestharu without anything relevant to the actual plot.3serial

4. Serial lo edaina suspense reveal ayyetappudu, camera first makes some sound and repeats the sound on showing every person’s face. The serial duration is done there!4serial

5. The hero and the heroine of the show remain as young as ever even after they have kids and their kids grow up too.5serial

6. The villain could be anyone. And vaalla make up asalaaaaa….bhayam happens right when we see them only!6serial

7. Expressions are like…..OMG! matter entha una lekapoina, expressions chaaala ekva untay.7serial

8. Women and their mother-in-laws can be the best of people too. Kani serials lo matram they are the worst enemies!8serial

9. A gorilla can fall in love with the heroine and they do salsa real good!9serial

10. Any serial can just make its way into the 10th generation in the family and any character can just change the actor playing it. This can happen due to a silly change in the plot.10serial

11. The old people in the families are the immortal characters.11serial

12. Actor and actress fall in love and they get married. Then they get divorced. Then the hero marries his ex-wife’s sister. Then they get married and divorced. He falls in love with his wife again! Looks like our main leads have no stability in life. Total confusion!12serial