12 Trendy Hairstyles by Samantha to watch out.


Samantha is known for her talent to carry off any role in any film and to cute-yet- hot the same time. She has inspired the style in many people and has always showed up in public in the nicest of forms. Here are a few hairstyles that are a trend to follow.

1. Hair tied up messy and lovely.1samantha-hairstyles

2. High bun with a glamorous front hair do.2samantha-hairstyles3. Twisted updo braid accompanied by a uniquely stylish saree.3samantha-hairstyles

4. Simple Fish braid with an accessory to embrace the look.4samantha-hairstyles

5. Every day look with hair open at the back and a simple poof in the front.5samantha-hairstyles

6. Wavy hair pulled to one side and a neat yet- classy front look.6samantha-hairstyles

7. A simple blow dry carried so beautifully.7samantha-hairstyles

8. A beautiful koppu with flowers made the entire look traditional and inspiring.8samantha-hairstyles

9. Sleep ponytail neatly tied to not let any strand disturb the pretty face.9samantha-hairstyles

10. Her curly hair do tied up just enough to make the look fresh, traditional and modern at the same time.10samantha-hairstyles

11. A messy hair bun styled with pretty accessories to make the entire look elegant enough.11samantha-hairstyles

12. A stylish twisted curled hair up-do is a lovely hairstyle for making your traditional look classy enough.12samantha-hairstyles