6 Actions to be done before entering a temple


Temples are synonymous to cleanliness and goldliness. Hence are always supposed to be clean and holy. So, we need to perform certain things before entering into them.

1. Remove all leather articles. Leather objects made from the Raja-Tama predominant hide of animals emit Tama predominant waves, which create a sheath around the body of the individual. This sheath reduces the ability of the individual to absorb sattvikta present in the environment of the Devalay. As a result, the individual gets proportionately less benefit of sattvikta present in the Devalay.01entering a temple
2. Remove footwear to not let any dust or bad particles enter into the premises of temples.02entering a temple
3. Wash your feet before entering any temple. When walking on the road, fine particles of dust stick to the feet / footwear. It is because of the Raja-Tama predominant waves emitting from the dust particles that entering the Devalay without washing the feet reduce the individual’s capacity to absorb the Sattva predominant waves.03entering a temple
4. While doing pradakshina, Namaskar and Japa, while performing havan and while having darshan of the Deity and the Guru, we should not cover the neck with a cloth. When one is performing the actions mentioned above, sattvik waves emitting from the Deity or a Saint, revolve around the person in a spherical manner. If the person has good bhav, then these sattvik waves revolve around him for a longer period and start affecting the person’s mind and the body. If the person covers the neck with a cloth, then he is not able to benefit from these waves.04entering a temple
5. To help in retaining the sattvikta of some Devalays where the Deity is in an awakened state or the Idol is Swayambhu (Self-originated), it is appropriate to remove the shirt laden with Raja-Tama predominant dust particles and then enter the garbha-gruha, have darshan of the Deity and then offer puja objects.05entering a temple
6. Namaskar to the main entrance door of the Devalay and Garuda-dhwaj (Flag with emblem of Garuda [Eagle])before entering the Devalay is like seeking permission for entry in the area of dominance06entering a temple