7 Things boys LOVE other than just girls


Abbayilaki ammayilani minchina interesting thing inkoti ledu ani andaru (mostly ammayilu) anukuntaru. Fine, oppukovachu! Abbailaku ammailu lekapote chala bore kottesthadi. But, apart from girls, there are many things that boys love to the core. Let me give a few examples here

1. Familyboys love


They have a lot of love towards their family, sisters, and brothers but they never express it. When the situation comes, they definitely prove it!

2. Friendsboys love


An extended family for boys. Ammai lekapoina parvaledu kaani, friend gaadu lekapothe pichekipothadi.

3. Aimboys love


Ammayi kanna lakshyam chala baga untundi boss.

4. Bikesboys love


Almost every boy’s first love!

5.Beardsboys love


Yeah! Beards, boys love to grow beards. Some chicknas might be there, but if the constraint of going trimmed to college and office didn’t exist, boys would love to go by the trend and experiment with their looks too.

6. Natureboys love


Nature ni Minchina andam em untundi. Aah nature ni aswaadinchadam lo unna aanandame veru.

7. Societyboys love


Ekva oppukoremo kaani, ee present times to society ante kasta gouram tho paatu prema kuda undhi. Mana society ye kada.