Boyapati’s Exclusive Love Towards His Weapons


The emotions in his movies are at peaks. When his Heroes punch their villains, they carry some solemnity. There is truth in their emotion. Rarely do you feel for characters on screen, but Boyapati Sreenu makes you connect with his characters even emotionally. Branded as an apt direct for the masses, he knows what quotient is needed to elevate your heroes to their peaks.

Debuted with Badhra, Sreenu continued his league of movies with the biggies and earned a name as one of the most sort out director in Telugu cinema. But, the reason we are discussing him here is for the weapons he uses. Like every director has their set of specialities, Sreenu too has the knack of showing violence in a very passionate way. And for that beating, he uses a great weapon every time.

Here have a look at biography of weapons.

Tulasi1 WeaponsThe sudden soft Tulasi turns violent and with that broad knife, it gets even massy .

Simha2 WeaponsThe weapon has a history in this one. If the axe was lost in mud by the father, it is his son who finds it at the end and revives the violence his father created.

Legend3 WeaponsApart from the ‘Legend’ bike that went famous, the weapon too was a character.

Dammu4 WeaponsIn this one, NTR has a simple weapon. Just a friendly knife to run with, striking down necks and banana trees alike.

Sairanodu5 WeaponsNow, this one stands apart. This weapon looks as stylish as Allu Arjun in the movie. We have to just wait how Boyapati made Bunny use this weapon.