Different types of movie chuse vaallu


Movies chudatam ante chaala mandi ki ishtam. Theatres lo movie chese vaallani or mee friends no observe chesthe, you will find various kinds of movie watchers!

Here is a fun version of a few kinds of them. Tag your respective friends and share the fun.

1. The involved candidate1_movies-chuse-valluVeellu are those kind of people who love movies and eh movie chushna kuda full ga involve aipotharu. Vaallu live ga experience chestunnattu expressions pedtharu.

2. The dialogues master2_movies-chuse-valluVeellu movie okka saari chusthe chaalu, unna dialogues anni ochesthayi. By any chance veellani teeskoni second time chusthe, hero ni minchupotharu

3. The fan3-Ma-hero-thopu-thurumuVeellatho eh movie ki aina vellochu Kani veella favourite actor movie ki velthe arupulu, merupulu and pogadthalatho champestharu. They get so disappointed if the rest of the audience isn’t shouting as much as he/she is.

4. The director’s priyudu4-I-know-everything.-I-am-a-deviThey watch the movie director kosam. Hero name or other cast ni chudaru. They only consider the director before watching any movie.

5. The timepass watcher5-First-day-first-show-chudakunte-mudda-digaduThey watch movies for killing boredom. Aa movie Oka 20 times chushna kuda, they are ready to watch it for another 5 times if they do not have options!

6. The movie lovercinemaVeellu enti ante.. movies ante chaala ishtam. Oka movie ankuntaru Kani aa tickets dorkakpothe, they definitely come out with tickets of any other movie. Adi entha bad movie aina kuda.

7. The fashionista7_movies-chuse-valluThey come to watch movies only to check out the costumes!!

8. The singer8-Pichekkinche-rakamMovie audio release aina ventane anni songs vinesi nerchkuntaru kuda. Movie theatre lo they enjoy singing the songs and feel like a master!

9. The reviewer9-Edi-pedithe-adi-vine-rakamVeellu anni movies cover chestharu. They come out with a review of their own and some people watch movie only after reading their reviews.

10. The check-in people10-Phone-ringtone-kuda-na-fav-star-deVaallaki movie kante important check in cheyyadam and daaniki enni likes and enni comments ostunnayo chudatam.

11. The first-day-first-show people
Eh movie aina kuda first day chusthe ne satisfaction untadi vaallaki.

12. The late latiifs12_movies-chuse-valluThey are always minimum 20 minutes late eh movie any day. Suppose time ki osthe matram aa roju hyderabad lo traffic undadu and ATM mundu queue undadu. Antha rare anmaata.