Facts one must know about Warangal


Warangal is a region that reflects rich heritage, culture and history. It epitomizes pride of age-old kings and rulers, the fact that they have discovered its own roots which still stands strong in that region. Let us learn about the wonders which are both known and unknown.

1. Warangal was once refered to as Orugallu (oru means one and kallu means rock). This region was also called Ekasilanagaram.Warangal

2. Warangal was the capital of Kakatiya Dynasty for nearly 2 centuries. Before the establishment of Orugallu/Warangal as the capital, Hanamakonda was the first capital of the Kakatiyas. Ruins of the old fort can still be seen there.Warangal

3. Warangal fort is one of those examples that depict glorious history of the place. The construction was started by Kakatiya Rudradeva and was continued by Ganapatideva. It has 3 concentric ring structures; the mud wall, the granite wall and the main fort.Warangal

4. Kakatiya University is the oldest one in Warangal and affiliates nearly 471 colleges.Warangal

5. It was under the rule of Prataparudra I of the Kakatiya Dynasty that the usage of Telugu language in inscriptions began instead of Kannada began.Warangal

6. The Koh-i-Noor Diamond, which is now among the jewels set in the British Crown, was mined and first owned by the Kakatiya Dynasty.Warangal

7. Enumamula has Asia’s second biggest grain market.Warangal

8. The scenic Pakhal lake in Warangal was built by Ganapathi Deva and is now a very popular tourist spot.Warangal

9. The thousand pillar temple is another architecture that defines their heritage. The temple is in the shape of a star and contains 3 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya.Warangal

10. The great Italian traveller Marco Polo visited the Kakatiya Kingdom sometime during Rudramadevi’s tenure as the ruler of the Kakatiya Dynasty and made note of her administrative style; admiring her extensively.Warangal