History and something wonderful about Nellore!


Nellore is a district in Andhra Pradesh located in the South East region. The district was governed by various empires in the history. Mouryas, sathavahanas, pallavas, cholas, telugcholas, kakatias, pandyans etc, were its rulers. This district is also believed to have played a very important role in the formation of the state and also the evolution. Here are certain things about Nellore that you would rejoice about.

1. The district was known as VIKRAMA SIMHAPURI until 13th Century and later it came to be referred to as Nellore.Nellore

2. Nellore is located close to Bay of Bengal. Hence, nature has no limits in this region.Nellore

3. The city derives its name from the Tamil, “nelli” which means rice, as paddy cultivation is the predominant occupation.Nellore

4. The great Telugu poet Tikkana Somayaji translated 15 parvas of Sanskrit Mahabharata into Telugu in Nellore.Nellore

5. Satish Dhawan Space Research Centre (SHAR) near Sullurpet has the worldwide significance of Scientific importance.Nellore

6. Nelapattu is a beautiful Bird sanctuary where Pelicans, Flamingo, Strocks and other 20 variety of birds comes from other countries and stays from October to February, March every year.Nellore

7. Pulicat lake is a very famous one throughout the nation.Nellore

8.  The caves near Nellore have inscriptions in the brahmi script used by Ashoka.Nellore

9. Nellore has two magnificent forts; Udayagiri fort and Venkatagiri fort.Nellore

10. An International Leather park will start working soon at Krishnapatnam. Krishnapatanam is located 18kms to the east of the city or Nellore.Nellore

11. Ranganathaswamy temple in Nellore is very famous.Nellore

12. Sri Potti Sriramulu, a freedom fighter, is from this city.Nellore

Just not these, people who hail from Nellore love it in and out heartfully! Reasons avasaramledu..it is Nellore!