Hyderabad and Telangana teepi vantalu….


Breakfast or lunch or dinner, edi tinna kuda last ki or first ki or anytime we need something sweet. Hyderabad lo unna sweets and aa taste world lo ekkada undadu! Ee mukka andaru agree chestharu. City lo enni patisseries unna kuda mana local desserts tinte unna anandam ekada undadu.

Here are a few desserts of the city that are everyone’s favorite and these are the ones we tend to treat our foreign friends with.

1. Double ka meetaHyderabad and Telangana

2. Gajar HalwaHyderabad and Telangana

3.Sheer KhurmaHyderabad and Telangana

4. PoleluHyderabad and Telangana

5. AriseluHyderabad and Telangana

6. Ravva LadduHyderabad and Telangana

7. MaduguluHyderabad and Telangana

8. SunnundaluHyderabad and Telangana

9. JhangriHyderabad and Telangana