Hyderabad’s food that are mouth wateringly delicious and are so native!


Prati region lo food ki Oka historic relation untadi and some places lo aa kind of food is the best. Hyderabad is a place with a unique mouth watering cuisine that is loved by everyone. Here are some dishes that we totally fall in love with.

1. Irani ChaiHyderabad's food

2. Nilofer and Osmania BiscuitsHyderabad's food

3. Paradise BiryaniHyderabad's food

4. Shahgouse and Pista house HaleemHyderabad's food

5. Double ka MeetaHyderabad's food

6. Khemka Roti from ParadiseHyderabad's food

7. Ram ki all DosasHyderabad's food

8. Bheja Fry from NayaabHyderabad's food

9. Bakhlava from Spice 6Hyderabad's food

10. Roti and Egg BhurjiHyderabad's food

11. Pani Puri anywhere and everywhereHyderabad's food

12. Breakfast outside Pragathi collegeHyderabad's food

13. Street food at Sindhi ColonyHyderabad's food

14. Badam ki jaldi from Aziz BaghHyderabad's food

15. Lukhmi from hotel SaveraHyderabad's food