Kinds of people you meet at Indian weddings


Mana country and culture lo, it is not just a wedding; it is more than a festival. Konni days varaku shopping, wearing new attires, full jewelry, dancing, food, music and many many many more. Prati wedding lo jarige prati occasion ki we invite so many people. And antha mandi janam lo we have the most fun spotting out the crazy and funny ones.

1. The Costume Judges1-the-costume-judgesIlanti vaallu come to a wedding only to see and comment on other people’s dresses. Vaallaki enti problem anedi naku ardham kadu.

2. Fancy dress competition participants2-fancy-dress-competition-participantsPrati wedding lo there are these kinds of people who dress up like it is their wedding. Entha dress up autharu ante they even make the bride feel like it is not her wedding.

3. The ‘you’re next’ aunty and uncle3-the-youre-next-aunty-and-uncleNo matter whose wedding it is and it totally is irrelevant to my age, there are those aunties and uncles who are always on your back. “Nu pelli chesko”, “inka next neede”,”Sambandhalu chustunnaru mee abbayiki”, “Pelli cheseyyandi..inka late cheyodhu” ilanti dialogues andarki vinpinsthayi. And if you are the sibling of the bride or groom, you are so gone!!!

4. The thindi critic4-the-thindi-criticBride or groom ni okkasari kalisi, they jump off to the food section and akada edo competition jarugutunnattu or opinion adugutunnattu cheptharu!

5. The bestie cousins5-the-bestie-cousinsThese cousins are always seen together. Manaku kuda untaru alanti cousins. Vaallu velthe ne manam veltham pelli ki lekapothe no way!

6. The dancing dolls6-the-dancing-dollsPrati wedding lo kondaru untaru who appativaraku silent una kuda dance ante chaalu, they jump on their feet! And yes, most of such people are great dancers!!

7. Talkative fellows7-talkative-fellowsVeellaki chuttu em jarugutundo anavasaram. All they do is talk talk talk talk and finally talk!!

8. Photo pichollu8-photo-picholluPhotolu digi digi mana andari phones lo memories full authay and malli avi vaalla daggarki oche varaku roju calls and messages!

9. The active ones9-the-active-onesThese people always keep roaming around everywhere, talking to everyone, doing all sorts of work and never get tired. Ivanni smile tho chestharu. Asalu tired eh kaaru! They are gods abba.

10. The main friends10-the-main-friendsThese people ni ela marchipotam! Bride and groom friends lekapothe vaallaki pelli ani ela anpisthadi?? Kani some friends have a swag which is called overaction. Motham pelli panulu antha vaalle chuskuntunnattu buildup untadi kondarki!! Not all the friends, my dear! Just talking about those very few ones. Typical people.

Hey guys, this was just for fun! Read, laugh, comment and share!