Lesser known facts about the birthday beauty, Shruti Haasan.


Shruti Rajalakshmi Haasan (Shruti Haasan) was born in Chennai, and did her schooling from Abacus school. She was and still is a multi-talented lady who excels in many things. She is a perfect merge of beauty, pleasing voice, alluring style and an amazing charm. The world today looks upon her as a beautiful and skillful actress. Let us look at certain lesser known facts about her and also wish her on this day for a prosperous and a successful future.

1. As a student, Shruti Haasan used the name Pooja Ramacharan because she did not want her school mates to treat her like a daughter of a famous actor.1_sruthi
2. Shruti Haasan is not only an actress but a singer, composer and a model.2_sruthi
3. At the tender age of 6, she sang her first duet with her father, Kamal Haasan for the film Thevar Magan. She also lent her voice in the 1997 film, Chachi 420 directed by her father.3_sruthi
4. Her first acting debut was in Hey Ram as the daughter of Vallabhbhai Patel. This film was translated into 8 different languages.4_sruthi
5. The singer can speak 8 different languages!5_sruthi
6. This incredible actress is the vocalist of a rock band known as ‘’The Extramentals’’.6_sruthi
7. Since the age of 14, Shruti Haasan has been writing scripts and has also made a short film.7_sruthi
8. She is a trained musician and also a kuchipudi dancer.8_sruthi
9. The multi talented actress made her Bollywood debut in the 2009 action drama, Luck.9_sruthi
10. She has a fetish over shoes. She has a collection of nearly 100 pairs and yearns to add more to it.10_sruthi