Meet The Torch Bearer Of Indian Blind Cricket Team Who Won 2 World Cups For India


Note: “Vaikalyam anedi edaina unte adi alochinche brain ki and manasu ke matrame kani manishi ki kadu ane moral ni Ajay Kumar Reddy success story dwara cheppadame ee article main Moto. He deserves all the applauds, accolades and respect everything like other fellow cricketers Virat, Dhoni and Rohit”1 - ajay kumar reddy

Naku telisi manalo chala mandi blind cricket team undi ani kuda teliyadu. Team India lage National Blind cricket team kuda undi and ippudu aa team ki captain ga unna atanu mana telugu state athane. Atani name Ajay Kumar Reddy puttindi perigindi antha mana Guntur district Gurujala lo his father is a farmer.

Lost his left eye in childhood but he wants to join Indian Army.2 - lost his eye

Ajay Kumar Reddy, 10 years of age lo unapudu anukunta oka chinna infection valla left eye blindness vachindi. Ika anthe intlo parents tho andaru atani mida sympathy chupinchadam start chesaru. Kani adi Ajay ki nacchedi kadu eppatikaina blindness ni pakkana petti Indian Army lo join avvalani alochisthu undevaaru. But one fine day his brother told him that eye sight unte Army lo tiskoru ani.

He never thought of playing cricket and to become a cricketer.3 - never thought of cricket

Manam okati anukunte destiny okati anukuntadi anadaniki Ajay life perfect example. Army lo join avdam anukunna Ajay 12 years of age lo Narasaraopet blind school lo join avadam akkada cricket adadam and cricket mida interest pergadam lantivi anni destiny decide chesindi. Local and National Cricket tournaments lo active ga participate chesthu vachadu Ajay.

He was into Indian Blind Cricket Team in 2010 and he never looked back after that.4 - 2010 cricket team

2010 lo England tho series ki select ayyina Ajay aa series lo best performance tho two man of the match awards kottesadu. Next coming two years ante 2012 lo National Team ki vice captain ga select ayyadu. In the 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup final, his aggressive batting approach helped India to secure their maiden Blind Cricket World Cup title as they chased a target in excess of 300 against arch-rivals Pakistan in the finals.

He was appointed as captain and led team to win two world cups.5 - 2017 world cup

In 2016, he was appointed as the captain of the Indian national blind cricket team after the retirement of Shekhar Naik. He led the Indian team and won 2017 Blind T20 World Cup under his captaincy and ide series lo Ajay took 9 wickets which is highest in the tournament.

Ajay tana captaincy tho recent ga jarigina 2018 Blind Cricket World Cup lo final varaku velli all time rivals Pakistan tho jarigina match lo 2 wickets chasing 309 runs tho gelicharu. Ee match lo Ajay 63 runs kotti crucial role play chesadu.