Movies that delivered powerful political messages


Tollywood movies kevalam entertainment, action and comedy eh kadu..some meaningful messages kuda society ki isthadi. Among a lot of problems in today’s society, Politics is a major one. These movies concentrate on politics and give meaningful messages to the society.

1. Bobbili Puli1-bobbili-puliThe two main leads, NTR and Sridevi work in their respective orders and fight to remove anti-social elements in the country.

2. Bharatheeyudu2-bharateeyuduThis movie concentrates on bribing and corruption. Ala chesevaallu and ala chesthe champe vaallu. Ila 2 story lines tho intense message tho this movie rules the industry as a hit for a very long time.

3. Prathighatana3-prathighatanaThis is a telugu film whose plot revolves around a woman fight against corruption and crimilization of politics in the country. After being publicly humiliated by a group of bad guys who have killed a man under political influence, she fights for justice and brings all the criminals into light.

4. Oke Okkadu4-oke-okkaduEe movie lo janam oka 1 day CM ni elect chestharu and that man changes the phase of the society in just one day by giving instance justice to the good and the bad. When one day lo anni chesthe, 5 years rule lo unte entha manchi cheyyochu??

5. Aparichitudu5-aparichithuduEe movie lo many angles untay. How people are judged based on their looks and also how a person severly tries to follow and make everyone follow rules. Ee frustration lo athaniki split personality disorder ochi aa personality tho solve society lo problems cheyyalani ankuntadu!

6. Tagore6-tagoreCorruption valla lots of people have lost their lives in a tragic incident. A man of one such family stands up and hangs some corrupted officials due to which there is a change in a society. Ila asalu corruption eh lekapothe, mana country entha developed untunde no??

7. Prasthanam7-prasthanamThis story revolves around 2 step brothers. The step brother is elected as a Youth President by his father and the other brother is badly affected by the power and politics and creates a chaos in the family ruins a political group.

8. Leader8-leaderThis movie concentrated on how politics can change a person and how politics should actually influence anyone. It also focuses on problems when in power and how to deal with it. Selhar kamula gaaru ee movie tho chaala manchi message andincharu!

9. Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu9-cameraman-ganga-tho-rambabuMedia has the power to break and make up a society. This movie shows how media and a guy who is frustrated with all the wrong happenings in the society takes a stand and creates a revolution moment in the state.

10. Prathinidhi10-prathinidhiThis a story of how a responsible citizen who calls himself a ‘Common man’ kidnaps the Chief Minister of the state and threatens to kill him if his wishes are not fulfilled. In this process he teaches and proves how corrupt this politically influences society is.