Movies that were shelved in Pawan Kalyan’s career


Pawan Kalyan is known to have broken many many records with his films. He has give us some great movies. Ivanni kakunda kuda he has taken up many projects but aa project ni stop cheyyalsi ochindi for many reasons that we do not know.

1. Cheppalani Undhi1-nuvve-kavaliThis is Nuvve Kavali which had Tarun and Richa play in the main. This movie was supposed to have Pavan Kalyan and Amisha Patel casted in the lead roles and under the name Cheppalani Undhi. But this movie gave Tarun a great place in the film industry.

2. Satyagrahi2-satyagrahiAfter Johny, Satyagrahi was announced as Pavan Kalyan’s directorial venture. This movie was halted for reasons that we do not know. The tagline of this film is, ‘Sathyame Na Ayudham’. Keeping aside all the rumors we are looking forward for some projects by Pavan Kalyan!

3. Deshi3-deshiThere was a plan for a patriotic film with Pavan Kalyan and unfortunately that did not come to light. Yes, this is certainly a genre we would want to see Pavan Kalyan perform to.

4. Prince of Peace4-prince-of-peaceFew years ago, Pavan Kalyan roped in to make a movie to portray the role of Lord Jesus under the direction of Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. The film shooting kick started in a grand way in Jerusalem in 2010 but it got cancelled because of undisclosed reasons. This definitely would’ve become a dimension of Pavan Kalyan that we have never seen!

5. Kobali5-kobaliTrivikram Srinivas and Pavan Kalyan have planned to give their combination a magical movie with a high budgeted socio-fantasy film. This movie came in to news a few years ago and now there is this news that this movie will come to public eye very soon. Fingers crossed!

6. Lawrence6-lawrenceLawrence had accounced earlier of a project with the both of them. He had said that the script that this movie will rely on is a very powerful one. But not an update on this again!

7. V.V.Vinayak7Post Attariniki Daredi, reports were rife that Pawan Kalyan’s next would be with V V Vinayak after he completes his part in Gopala Gopala. But no news on this too.

Nevertheless, Pavan Kalyan has his set of fantastics and there is no chance we will miss him on screen!