PINK Trailer : An Intriguing And A Power Packed Social Thriller Questioning The Morals In Today’s Times

By Priyanka Kanoj
The trailer of Amitabh starer movie “Pink” was unveiled today. Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Pink seems to revolve around a woman’s fight for justice. The trailer hints that the whole story revolves around the story of three women involved in a crime.
Amitabh Bachchan in the role of a lawyer, who keeps quizzing Taapse Pannu with provocative questions. The trailer’s runtime  is 2.26 minute-long. There are traits of a crime that has taken place, for which Taapse is taken under police control and is submitted to the court. But, even at the end of the trailer, the main plot of the movie is kept veiled, which increases the suspense.
In the event organised for unveiling the trailer, Amitabh Bachchan talks about rapes in India. “It is extremely painful to hear and read about the disgusting things that happen in our country. Sexual crimes against women are to be eradicated from India. All the individuals must get educated properly, in order to understand the law”, Amitabh said.
 Produced by Shoojit Sircar, the film will hit screens on September 16, 2016.