Sunder Pichai Becomes The Highest Paid CEO In US!!


By Siddharth Naidu

Google parent company Alphabet Inc, recently bestowed upon its Chief Executive Sundar Pichai, restricted stock worth about $199 million, according to a regulatory filing by, which makes him the highest paid CEO in the US.

Pichai, who took over in August, received a grant for 273,328 Class C Google stock units from Alphabet Inc. The valuation is based on the stock’s closing price on February 4th 2016.

On the same day, Pichai sold 375 Class A common shares at a price of $786.28 each, and 3,625 Class C capital stock at a price of $768.84 each, as per the list filing.

The shares make Pichai’s holdings in the parent company Alphabet, to around $650 million which is still less than the net worth of Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are worth $34.6 billion and $33.9 billion respectively according to Forbes. Even Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt holds shares worth $3 billion.

A report on The Guardian notes that Indian-origin Pichai is not the only Google executive to be given a big payday. Alphabet’s CFO Ruth Porat was handed shares worth $38 million which is on top of the $30 million signing bonus she received when she was poached away from Morgan Stanley last year.

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