Stop Witch Hunting Tanmay Bhatt…!!


Media  and public glare have been unabashedly on Tanmay Bhatt ever since he has uploaded a Snapchat video last weekend. While TV media went frenzy over it, social media like twitter and facebook ran berserk in its wake. Everything seemed to be on the rout while Tanmay Bhatt reigned supreme. A passing thing thus became the subject matter of prime time discussions as some self proclaimed holier than thou news channels and their anchors delivered their best, discussing it in and out with a judgment in the end.

Except for a few voices in Bhatt’s support, all seemed ready to not only see him being persecuted but if given chance, it appeared that they would not mind mob lynching him in broad day light. So the question is, what has he done so nasty to invite such nemesis to befall him? Well, he has made a Snapchat video where he roasts the twin living legends of India, namely, Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar.

We all know that both enjoy a cult status in this country. So, definitely he has committed blasphemy and he must pay for it, rightly so? While reactions are yet to come from these legends cum demigods, their bhakts have taken it upon themselves to correct this wrong by asking for FIR against Bhatt, his arrest and so on and so forth. Some self righteous persons/ groups have even threatened that they will deliver punishment to Bhatt on their own incase the law fails to act in whatever way they want. So a mad frenzy has taken shape while reason dies an instant death.

The most heard argument against Bhatt’s video is that it’s hardly funny and hugely disrespectful to living Gods Lata and Sachin. Well, they miss the point that the video has been done in the comic genre where subversion, exaggeration, imitation are considered to be its tools. It’s is quite another point if one finds video funny or not-so-funny or not funny at all. It’s totally subjective depending upon one’s sensibilities and sense of judgment. The point is the video is made by using the tools of subversion. We all know that Sachin and Lata are well known for their popular public image of morally righteous persons without any speck of falsehood.

Though, we conveniently forget that there have been controversies about them as well. That aside, in the video, they have been seen talking to each other like some low class in blunt idioms and abusive language. And from here emanates the “disrespect” people are so furious about. So, Bhatt has basically subverted the personalities of Lata and Sachin in order to create a comic act. It’s immaterial whether he succeeds or fails. But certainly, it does not deserve media trial, public trial and witch hunting. As myriads other comic acts, it does have a right to exist without Bhatt being persecuted for it.

Moreover, it is not the first time well famous and respected personalities have been made fun of in a comic act. And if language and content are the issues, there are numerous other stand-up comics as well who don’t shy away from cracking sexist, gendered jokes sometimes verging on misogyny. Kapil Sharma, one the best celebrated comedians, apparently tops this category. So, the hullabaloo around Tanmay Bhatt’s video is totally unwarranted and uncalled for.