These are the symptoms that you are a die hard fan of Pani Puri


1. When you are extremely hungry, is the first thing that comes to your mindpani puri_Telugu

2. Pani Puri kosam money waste ani evaraina ante.. you will lecture them your love for itpani puri_Telugu

3. Pani Puri is your appetiser, main course and your dessertpani puri_Telugu

4. Pani puri evaraina baaga cheyyakapothe, vaallu entha papam cheskunnaro ankuntampani puri_Telugu

5. This is the best thing your partner can take you out topani puri_Telugu

6. Mana group lo mana laaga Pani puri tine vaallu are our best friends!pani puri_Telugu

7. If anyone says they don’t like it, you treat them like untouchables till you finish your platepani puri_Telugu

8. When your mom makes you Pani Puri, you love her more than ever!!pani puri_Telugu

9. If your friends or cousins are from overseas, you heartily treat them with Pani puripani puri_Telugu

10. Locality lo you know where anyone can eat the best Pani Puripani puri_Telugu

11. You love having a Pani Puri bet with your friendspani puri_Telugu

Are you one such Pani puri maniac or do you know anyone like this ?? Tag them and share along the fun!!