8 Things Every Guy Who Is Broke During The Month-End Will Relate To


Especially during hard times, it is only when you experience a situation that’s out of your comfort zone, you realize the pain attached to it. Similarly, it is only when you are totally broke, you come across such situation that you even take the step to write an article about. Some things that we write about needn’t be out of the box, they arise from the situations that we see around ourselves.

One common phenomenon with most of us is we all enjoy the maximum at the start of the month and go close to suffering towards the end of the month. Reason? Those pieces of papers that run the world. We term it ‘money’. Somehow by the end of month, unknown pressures land on your head and all amounts to taking care of your wallet as much as possible.

So here are the things every person who is broken at the month-end will relate to.

1. You start to withdraw 100 or 200 at a time unlike 500 or 1000 which you used to do at the starting of the month 


2. You cut down on booze ALOT!!

No Booze!!

3. And if you want to drink, you are eagerly waiting for a friend to sponsor.

Who will sponsor

4. You are waiting for a call from your brother/father to ask you ‘yera dabbulunnaiya?’

yera dabbulunnaiya

5. You fear to enter a restaurant with a group of friends.


6. You choose to watch movies in a single screen theatre rather than a multiplex.

cheap tickets

6. You want to have a haircut, but you will wait.

no haircut

8. You used travel by cab, but when broke travelling by ‘sharing autos’ is the best thing.

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