Things only cricket lovers will relate to


Cricket is a sport that is most loved in our country. And prati fan ki vaalla own ways untay to showcase their love for the sport. Mana friends groups or family lo there will definitely be at least one person who goes mad over this sport. Alanti pichi peaks fans kosame ee article

1. Edaina match mana city lo jarigithe, daani tickets kosam we do all the feats possible and by any chance dorkakpothe, mana kanna pedda devadasu evaru undaru.1cricket-istama

2. Sports channel lo cricket osthe chalu, we watch it. Aa match Oka 18-20 years mundu jarigina kuda we have no problem.2cricket-istama

3. India match unna time lo mana pelli muhurtham kuda pettaniyyamu.3cricket-istama

4. Vere countries matches kuda chusdham and we relate everything about the match to some Indian match.4cricket-istama1

5. IPL during summer is our favourite pastime. And andulo manamu two teams ki support chestham. One is our local team and one is that team in which our favourite player is playing. Aa two teams against each other aadinapudu, we cry not knowing what to do!5cricket-istama

6. No matter how worse the game turns out, we are always confident of some miracle to happen and that India will win.6cricket-istama

7. We are the most emotional fans in the world. Cricket becomes our subject, religion, goal, love and life.7cricket-istama

8. Cricket gurinchi negative ga matladithe, we turn into a superhero with a tongue of Balayya and power of Rajinikanth.8cricket-istama

9. Mana childhood goals were to become the world’s best cricketer. And now since not all of us could do that, we sincerely want to help those who want to become one such person.9cricket-istama

10. 2011 lo India World Cup gelichinapudu, we cried like we cracked IAS exam!10cricket-istama

11. Edaina match India odipothe kuda we are the ones who cheer. And comments ese vaallani uthiki aarestham.11cricket-istama1

12. India-Pakistan match osthe, inka manam intlo tappa ekkada undam. Bayata velthe distraction you see.12cricket-istama