Things to do and see in the beautiful Warangal


Warangal is one of the most beautiful places in Telangana. It is also selected as a smart city in the “fast-track competition”, which makes it eligible for additional investment to improve the urban infrastructure and industrial opportunities under Smart Cities Mission. During Kakatiyan rule, the city was referred to as Orugallu. It was also known as Vorakalli, Tolini Koranakula and Akshalinagaram. Aravabinakosam, a literary work of Ragunatha Bhaskar mentioned Warangal as Ekasilanagaram.

Ee district lo some mind blowing temples unay, Warangal fort undi, trekking places unay, and many many more. This festival is in all lights and colors for the festival, batukamma! Aa festival ni anandanga jarupukovalante go to Warangal!

Ilanti place lo there are so many things to see and do. Let us look at a few of them.

1. Warangal fort1-warrangal-fort

2. Bhadrakali Temple2-bhadrakali-temple

3. Thousand Pillar Temple1000-warangal

4. Ramappa Temple4-ramappa

5. Swayambu Temple5-swayambu-temple

6. Eturnagar Wildlife Sanctuary6-eturnagar-wildlife-sanctuary

7. Siddeshwar Temple7-siddeshwara-temple

8. Kakatiya Musical Garden8-kakatiya-musical-garden

9. Pakhal Lake9-pakhal-lake

10. For some shopping, visit Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium. That place provides authentic brass. Products.10

11. Laknavaram Cheruvu11-laknavaram-cheruvu

12. Kakatiya Rock Garden12-kakatiya-rock-garden

Ivi just very very few of all those that are there. Every lane and every bit of Warangal is a beauty in itself and those who have not gone yet, please go and those who have already gone, go again!