This Heart Warming Video Gives A Perfect Example On How Life Is a Circle


We all have learnt in school that whatever good or bad you do, it comes back to you. If you protect the Human Values in our society, it will reap you definitely in some way or the other. If you have ever known about the ‘law of karma’, it very clearly states the same. What you do to others will come back to you. Be it good or bad, its your choice!

Adapting this concept beautifully, the team of JZT BEGIN, have come up with a video, ‘Invest In Humanity’ and watching this video will definitely warm your heart with a smile towards the end. No matter in what way you contribute to the society around you, you will definitely get it back. There might come across times when you would not be aware of it but just believe in being optimistic in your approach and all will definitely sail good.

If you have managed to read till here, thank you! :)