This Video Of A 75 Year Old Salesman On City Roads Will Leave You Speechless..!!


What keeps him going in this searing heat? That is the question that will linger on for a long time once you watch this video ( below ). The said video starts with An Old Man carrying tirelessly carrying two gunny bags of miscellaneous eatables ( biscuits, mixtures and sundries at that ) which are placed in front of the host, who intends to buy them. It is in the process of this transaction, we get to know more about the 75 year old salesman who has been partaking these door to door sales for the past 20 years. The old man attributes his journey and strength to his mother, who is 85 years old, and is the safe-keeper for him to this day. The blessings of Mother is what really matters at the end of the day, is what we can all take away from this.

Watch The Touching Video :

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