Tiger Shroff States That He’d Want His Girl To Stay At Home And Give Him A Massage..!!


In an interview with Rediff, when asked about what qualities he’d want in a partner, he came up with this utterly ridiculous gem of a statement.

“I will get married to a girl from the village. When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed. She should stay at home, keep the house clean and give me home-cooked food. I like girls who are the housewife-type.”

No idea yet about whether he was misquoted, but if not… are you for real, Tiger? This just goes to show how deeply ingrained sexism is in our country – like it’s okay for Tiger to casually talk about women as if their main purpose in life is to ‘service’ their husbands. Not cool, Tiger. Not cool at all.

At This Point We Need To Bring Some Save Tiger Initiative To Be Applicable To This Guy, Cause He Just Managed To Rake Up A Shit Storm.

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