Tollywood movies that are all about sports


Tollywood has a record of producting the highest number of films. Indulo manchivi, cheddavi, prajala kosam, vaalla kosam vaallu teeskunnavi..anni types untay. Sports meeda awareness kosam konni movies teesaru which are really good.

1. Ashwini
Ashwini is one of the earliest biographical movies made in Tollywood. Ashwini Nachappa played the role herself.telugu sports-movie

2. Thammudu
Boxing lo india chaala meddles gelichindi. On account of that this movie must be telecasted every now and then for recognition.telugu sports-movie

3. Badrachalam
Srihari plays in the movie as a struggling yet successful Taekwondo champion.telugu sports-movie

4. Okkadu
Man society lo sports gurinchi awareness kavali. And especially some sports that many do not know much. Kabbadi is one of them. Ee movie is dedicated to that sport.telugu sports-movie

5. Golkonda High School
Vere eh sport ki ivvani importance manam cricket ki istham. But his movie spoke of how students are getting away from sports and are struggling in competition.telugu sports-movie

6. Sye
Rugby. Asalu recognition leni sport gurinchi chaala baaga chupincharu.telugu sports-movie7. Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi
Movies lo stereotypes break cheyyadam tho paatu Kick Boxing ki total light ichina movie idi.telugu sports-movie

8. Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu
Kabaddi gurinchi another beautiful movie…now I think people will definitely encouragetelugu sports-movie this sport.

9. Guru (2017)
Starring Venkatesh as a good-bad coach of boxing, this movie has an integral story related to female boxing.telugu sports-movie