Types of Whatsapp friends we all have


Whatsapp has become another synonym for communication. This is a very widely used application throughout the world. Mana friends andaru untaru whatsapp lo and a few are funny, irritating and crazy.

Here are a few types of whatsapp friends we definitely have in our list and groups.

1. Dp Reviewers

whatsapp friendFriends list lo evaru una kuda..their main motto in to check what Display picture who has put. That is the best pastime for such people.

2. The forward broadcasters

whatsapp friendThese people are the most active msgs forward cheyyadam lo. Jokes or information or anything, they forward everything manaki. Good morning or good night messages kuda pamputaru. Our day starts and ends with their messages.

3. The birthday wisher

whatsapp friendThey are seen active in whatsapp groups or personal chats only if it is a birthday occasion. Lekapothe you never find him online.

4. The one-word replier

whatsapp friendManam entha pedda msg pampina kuda their reply is the most irritating letter, ‘K’. World lo una meetings and businesses anni vaallake unattu alanti replies istharu.

5. The emoticon messenger

whatsapp friendVaalla msgs lo matter kante ekva smileys untay. Whatsapp smileys ni kanpettinde veellakosam.

6. Chain message forwarder

whatsapp friendAll the good luck and bad luck messages ni forward chestu untaru these kind of people.

7. The brainy friends

whatsapp friendThey are the first ones to reply if any quiz is posted in a group.

8. Whatsapp Mafia members

whatsapp friendThey are always underground. They have whatsapp but they never use it. They end up having a last scene ages ago.

9. The no replier

whatsapp friendMessages chuskuntaru kani reply ivvaru. No wrong intentions but they are always busy yaar!

10. The bff stalker

whatsapp friendVeellatho whatsapp lo matladakapothe mana day start or end avvadu. They are our bffffff…

11. The businessmen or business-women

whatsapp friendThey add us into some shopping groups and run a great clothing or accessory business there. This one runs better than all those people struggling outside.