10 Times When Directors Won Heroine’s Hearts And Became Their Real Life Heroes


On the screen, the heroes and heroines are the actual pairs. They look glamorous, dashing and have some sort of chemistry that works well for a particular movie or movies between them. But, when it comes to the real life, we have come across situations where the directors become the heroines real life heroes. Leaving most of us disappointed, take a look at these directors who won their heorine’s hearts and became their heores.

Mani Ratnam & Suhasini

Mani Ratnam & Suhasini

Krishna Vamsi & Ramya Krishnan

Krishna Vamsi & Ramya Krishna

Poonam Bajwa & Sunil Reddy

Sunil Reddy & Poonam Bajwa

Priyadarshan & Lissy

Priyadarshan & Lissy

Bhagyaraj & Poornima

Bhagyaraj & Poornima

Ponvannan & Saranya

Ponvannan & Saranya

Roja & Selvamani

Selvamani & Roja

Khusbhoo & Sundar C

Sundar & Khushboo

Kalyani & Surya Kiran

Surya Kiran & Kalyani

Parthiban & Seetha

Parthiban & Seetha