When English movie titles are translated to Telugu


The problem with English movies getting dubbed to Telugu is that they lose the grip on the plot. This happens with the kind of names they put too. Here is Wirally’s funny take on Hollywood movie names being translated to Telugu.

1. The Mummy – Amma!English movie Telugu

2. The Mummy Returns – Amma tirigochindiEnglish movie Telugu

3. Iron Man – Ukku ManishiEnglish movie Telugu

4. The Wolf of the Wall Street – Goda Galli NakkaEnglish movie Telugu

5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Manchi, Chedu, AdhvanamEnglish movie Telugu

6 Avatar – VeshamEnglish movie Telugu

7. La La Land – Bhu Bhu BhumiEnglish movie Telugu

8. Saw – ChushnaEnglish movie Telugu

9. The Dark Knight – Cheekati GurramEnglish movie Telugu

10. The Dark Knight Rises – Cheekati Gurram LechindiEnglish movie Telugu