Yesteryear fabulous actresses are now flaunting their age playing roles of being a mother


There is a particular period of time where actresses can be heroines and actors can be heroes. Kondaru prefer continuing being young while a few others prefer flaunting their age. Heroines of the other era have now won our hearts by playing roles of mothers. And they have been extremely successful in it.

1. Ramya KrishnanYesteryear Actress

2. MeenaYesteryear Actress3. Nadhiya3actress

4. MadhubalaYesteryear Actress

5. Bhanu PriyaYesteryear Actress

6. RojaYesteryear Actress

7. RaasiYesteryear Actress

8. SukanyaYesteryear Actress

9. Suhasini ManiratnamYesteryear Actress