10 Applauding Achievements Of Telangana State Since The Day It Was Formed

Telangana youngest state of India turns 5 years and going to celebrate formation day on 2nd of June. As of now, state administration and developmentlo high-speed tho velthundi. Ee 5 years lo techies ideas ni encourage cheyadaniki start chesina T-HUB, farmers ki 24/7 power supply, safe drinking water project Mission Bhagiratha, 2BHK for homeless, Rhythu-Bandhu to support farmers, schemes and initiations are gaining a lot of attention across the nation. State partition taruvata government form chesina TRS party administration and development ni challenging ga tisukoni progressive ruling chestunaru.

Let’s take a look at 10 achievements of Telangana State Since day it was formed.

1. Mission Bhagiratha
Telangana state villages and Hyd city residents ki safe drinking water supply cheyadaniki ee Mission Bhagiratha ni initiate chesaru. 43,791 crores estimated budget tho start chesina ee project complete avtey 2.32 crores people water needs fulfil avtayi.

Mission Bhagiratha

2. Achieved a GSDP Growth rate Of 14.1% on March 16, 2018; Which is more than a National growth.

GSDP Growth rate

Last two years lo State GSDP growth rate double-digit increase ayyindi, which implies that the PCI of the State grew much faster than all India PCI.

3. Online Public Service Commission recruitment program in a state with a grand success and popularity.

Online Public Service Commission

For the first time years nundi pending lo unna Public Service Commission online services grand ga launch chesaru.

4. The Infant Mortality Rate in the state come down 38 to 28 per 1000 live births; Which much better than the National Average of 40.

Infant Mortality Rate

Encouraging girl studies and initiated Health and Hygiene Kits’ (HHK) to about 8 lakh girl students in the state dwara Infant Mortality rates ni control chesaru.

5. In 2015, Government launched the T-HUB, which is largest Incubators in India.


Young techie ideas ni encourage cheyadaniki T-Hub ani oka incubator platform set chesaru.

6. In May 2016, Apple announced its New Development Office, With a 4000 employment opportunities.

Apple announced its New Development Office

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Development Office in Hyderabad on May 2016.

7. 2 BHK houses for poor and homeless in the state.

2 BHK houses

First-time oka state lo poor people ki 2BHK independent houses ni allot chesaru.

8. 24/7 Power supply in the entire state.

24/7 Power supply

Remember those days where we used to have 4hrs of power cut in one day. But thanks to TRS government which is now providing 24/7 power supply.

9. In March 2016, KCR signed MOU with Maharastra Government and ended the decades-long disputes over two states.

Interstate Irrigation schemes

Before 2016, we used to watch water wars between two states. By signing MOU and Interstate Irrigation schemes TRS govt put a full stop to water issue between two states.

10. Rythu Bandhu scheme also Farmers’ Investment Support Scheme (FISS).

Rythu Bandhu scheme

4000 Rs per acre to farmer scheme, which win hearts all over the state and also gain a lot of attention across the nation.

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