10 Amazing facts about Ramayana you never knew…!!


Ramayana, one of the greatest Indian epics, has always been a source of Inspiration and deserving intrigue. Over the ages, Ramayana has evolved into many sub couplets and stories that have found their way into fabricating whole new dimensions, not only to the grandeur of the story but to the core elements and characterizations as well. Though many of us know, what the epic is all about, there are always some-things that we might have not known about it. On the eve of Ram Navami, this is our attempt to bring to you some really wonderful facts about Ramayana …ramayana

The Definition Of Rama :ramayana

The Curse Of Nandi : ramayana

The Epicness Of The Epic :ramayana

Loyalty And Brotherhood :ramayana

The Courageous Monkey Warrior :ramayana

Immortality Of Demonic Proportions :ramayana

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