10 Amazing things you must not miss to do in mana Telangana


Hyderabad is lively and amazing with people of all kinds living and letting live. Ikada there are a lot of things to do for all ages and for those with high adrenaline, there are many things to do. mark them down!

1. Chowmahalla Palace is fit for those whose adrenaline gushes towards heritage, history and learning.1 Mana Telangana
2. Lamakaan in Banjara Hills is a place for all those artists out there. Ikada every now and then chaala events authu untay. To know them, check their page out.2 Mana Telangana
3. Kurnool is just 3 hours from Hyderabad. The road trip between the two places is mind-blowingly beautiful!!3 Mana Telangana
4. Have the happiest swim the biggest manmade lake of Hyderabad, The Ramappa Lake.4 Mana Telangana
5. Experience the beauty of the Mysterious “Pandavula Gutta” which is situated near Bayyaram region of Khammam District.5 Mana Telangana
6. Visit the Largest Church in Asia, Medak Church.6 Mana Telangana
7. Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Ananthagiri Hills is not anything to miss.7 Mana Telangana
8. Visit the Mahankali Temple Area during the Jathara. Nothing can get any better than this.8 Mana Telangana
9. Have some amazing fun near the Kuntala Falls!9 Mana Telangana
10. For you bikers out there, go to the Kuntala Falls on your darling bike.10 Mana Telangana