10 Arnab Goswamy Moments That Left Us Baffled And Speechless..!!

Arnab Goswamy knows what nation wants to know and perhaps he is the most hated and talked about anchor of recent times. He roars on his shows and insults everyone and anyone on the basis of his question. He is accused of taking some cases as ‘ trial by media’ and decides what is right and what is wrong. Behind his chaotic debates, there are some moments that left us speechless or rather India speechles.

Umar Khalid V/S Arnab Goswami


It was celebrated as a black day of media when Arnab Goswami lashed out on Umar Khalid and portrayed him as a terrorist. He made judgemental remarks on him and after which Umar Khalid went missing for a few day.

Baba Ram Rahim v/s Arnab Goswami

Kiku Sharda of comedy nights Kapil fame was arrested for mimicking Baba Ram Rahim. Arnab Goswami supported the artist saying that he thinks Baba is funny and he laughed on his bike, songs and pictures. He spoke on the behalf of comedy community which was much needed.

Asad Ashraf from Tehelka V/S Arnab Goswamy

Arnab called Ashraf and insulted him on the show calling him a cover for the terrorist. He also called him a pseudo-intellectual when he asked the authenticity of the Batla House encounter. Arnab was badly criticised for it.

Raj Thackeray V/s Arnab Goswami


In this debate Raj Thackeray mocked the channel for showing his twisted statements on the show and threatened on the camera saying ‘Dekh lenge'( I will see) to Arnab. You can watch Arnab go mute and with the absolute loss of words. Somebody got him at the neck.

Narendra Modi V/s Arnab Goswami


Arnab Goswami tried to mock Narendra Modi bringing Rahul Gandhi in the picture while Modi takes it cool by talking about his development theories and he is winning the argument with it.

Rahul Gandhi V/s Arnab Goswamy


Rahul Gandhi made a comedy of himself giving an interview with Arnab Goswami. He was trolled in the media for months on his comments and views. A major mistake of his life.

Sachin Tendulkar V/S Arnab Goswami

When asked about why Sachin lost his cool on the field, he nails it with his reaction to Arnab. He says ” Everytime I get out I react differently and I do not need anybody’s permission on how to react.” A major face palm!

Parvez Musharraf V/S Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami and Parvez Musharraf had a heated debate. They had an army debate which ended into controversial statements by Parvez Musharraf. The show got over before the usual time.

Mahua Moitra V/S  Arnab Goswamy

Mahua Moitra was questioned on lynch mob attack and guess what she did?  She gave a middle finger in the show saying “This is one man show”. This woman has got guts!

Subramanyam Swamy V/S Arnab Goswamy

Subramanyam Swamy calls Arnab stupid and an ignorant man on his question and views. Somebody is taking a stand atleast!

These were the 10  Arnab Goswamy moments which will leave you speechless. You like him or hate him but you can never ever ever never ignore him!

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