10 Best Affordable Food Places In Chennai Which Won’t Burn a Hole In Your Pockets

Chennai is an amazing place full of diversity and traditions, this is a place you must visit if you truly want to experience the south Indian culture, this is also evident in their food. There are a number of great restaurants, cafes, street carts etc to eat at, the choices are limitless and  it can be quite difficult to decide where to eat at, another issue can be money, but we have some good news for you, we’ve made a list of some the best and most affordable places I Chennai where you can truly enjoy some great south Indian food. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best affordable places in Chennai.

 Andhra Mess

This is the best place to have unlimited thalis in Chennai, it’s a famous place for office employs to have lunch.


Royal Sandwich

Love sandwiches? Then you must visit this place in Chennai, they offer sandwiches in wide varieties at extremely affordable prices, you won’t find a better place for the value of your money than here.


Karthik Tiffin Center

You will find one of the most famous and proper south Indian meals “kadai” here which you should not miss.


Gujarati Mandal

Gujarati Mandal is a great place if you are looking to experience pure veg food, their unlimited meals are a must-try.



Want to eat subs and salads at an affordable price? Then Woss should be on the top of your list, their subs and salads are yummy and affordable.


Fusilli Reasons

Italian at a reasonable price? You get amazing pasta here at just 80 bucks.



Roti is a small and hygienic place where you get north Indian food, you must try their parathas and chaats.



They have a number of North Indian and Chinese dishes at extremely affordable prices.


Mumbai Café

Want to experience Mumbai food in Chennai? Mumbai café is the place you should visit then, they offer a variety of Chats, vada pavs, misal pavs, and even sabudana khichdi


Kailash Kitchen

This place offers Tibetian food like  Momos, Thukpa, and even some Asian dishes.

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