10 Best dog breeds that gel well with humans


Irrespective of whether you have a terrible day or a wonderful day, there is one little guy right there, either waiting to cuddle up and love you or go out there and celebrate with you. Dog’s are the best thing that happened to the entire human race.

Here are the top 10 dog breeds that get along extremely well with humans.


They’re intelligent, fun, charismatic, exceedingly outgoing and provide the best cuddles. Retrievers have always been used as service and relief dogs because of their ability to understand and sympathise with humans. They get along with almost anyone and everyone, making the world seem to be a not so bad place after all. Once you get your retriever, say hello to the extroverted life. They will drag you out of the house making sure you get your dose of socialization for the day. And every time they sense that you’re either sad or upset, lo behold! You’ve got mushy cuddles on its way.


Beagles are lively, confident, and naughty. Beagles are the kind of pets that would adorably get into trouble and give you the “puppy eyes”. They’re pretty hilarious and fun loving. A Beagle always knows how and when to get your attention. They love human company. Beagles are the kind of buddies you can chill with on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Thus, perfect for every kind of human company ever!


Yes, a Bulldog! As snappy and fierce they might look, deep inside they all just want your love. Take a bulldog on a car ride and he will love you with his life! They can be extremely laid back and easy going, only until they know you’re fine with the company. They’re super protective of you and are exceptionally alert, even while sleeping! However, these adorable protectors need tons and tons of socialization and love from humans. Bulldogs are wonderful companions for a large family with lots of kids.


The name pretty much indicates a huge characteristic of their personality. A Saint Bernard is serene, mature and peaceful in nature. They were earlier used to guard the Swiss Alps and rescue thousands of injured travelers. Today, they are found in the comforts of apartments and homes. Contrary to its peaceful nature, a Saint Bernard puppy is the most energy filled animal you will come across. Jumping, rolling, nibbling, romping etc are a common sight with these puppies. However, once grown up, Saint Bernards are mature and happy. They always love to stay with their human family and never lose them from their sight, not even for a second!


They are the outgoing buddies you need in your life. A Shih Tzu is never shy to make a new chum. Following you from room to room and passing on its high spirited energy with its tiny paws are just Shih Tzu things. Extremely small in size, a Shih Tzu is a convenient company to have with you at all times. They are perfect friends for all ages, especially for toddlers and children. A Shih Tzu is all you need in your life to keep you loved.


They are fabulous divas with an amazing attitude. Poodles are classy, smart and proud. They are extremely possessive and caring of their owners. A poodle is very lively and is always on the move. Longing for a high level of attention and love from its human family, a poodle can be an ideal companion for teaching you the art of loving and being loved.


A Dalmatian is tremendously faithful and hard working. They are strong, efficient and love challenges. A Dalmatian is very secure with its master and its other human siblings. They are goofy animals always wanting to be included in every action you take part in. Its socialization can bring out the fun and cheeky side of it which is exceedingly delightful to watch.

8. PUGSdog

They are the oldest breed of dogs and are amazing cuddle buddies. Pugs are quirky funny and mess up everything making them irresistibly cute. They are polite, kind and make sure every emotion is expressed through their eyes. Pugs barely get into any sort of mischief-making you love them even more.


Athletic, calm, timid and patient, Cavaliers are the mildest breed of dogs you could come across. They love to chase and run around, making them amusing around kids. Cavaliers love appreciation, hence are well behaved and respond well. Their soft coat makes it really hard not to feel fuzzy with love in your tummy. Cavaliers are soft, loving and warm companions one needs to have around.

10. IRISH SETTER10 - irish

Irish setters are emotionally reliant, making them affectionate and adoring in nature. They, however, can get a little mischievous at times making it essential to discipline them. Irish Setters are very fond of their human family and love spending time with kids. Their soaring energy makes them interesting to be around. A faultless pal with whom you can feel warm, emotional and sensitive.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day irrespective of what breed your dog belongs to, the exclusive fact that it is a four-legged love producing machine makes it enough for you to shower your love onto it. Every dog out there waits for someone to take it home. So go out there, do yourself a big favor and adopt favor You deserve the love and so do they.

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