10 Of The Best Open Heart With RK Interviews You Must Watch


Open Heart With RK – A face to face interview with celebrities aired on ABN news channel has garnered a special attention with the passage of time. Vemuri Radha Krishna (RK) who owns the regional media channel, Andhra Jyothi, hosts the show. RK digs into all those doubts and romours we had with our celebrities and gets them to talk. Sometimes he goes overboard, but that’s not a point here. Here we tried to hand pick the best of Open Heart With RK episodes that you must give a watch.

Episode with RGV

RK gets more insights into RGV’s personal side with actresses, his college days in Vijayawada, his move to Bollywood, movie with Megastar which unfortunately didn’t take off and so on.


Before he became famous with his ‘Raja’ dialect, this episode of Posani is an energetic and fun filled talk. Posani talks about his journey in the Telugu film industry and his intricacies involved as a ‘quick’ writer.

Episode with NAGABABU

This shows the emotional side of Nagababu, the losses ‘Anjana Productions’ survived, his comeback, his relationship with Chiru and some interesting things about Pawan Kalyan.


Anushka talks about about her strengths and weakness, crying being an instant solution, her first meeting with Nagarjuna and Puri Jaganadh and many more.

Episode with PRAKASH RAJ

The way Prakash Raj answers RK is one awesome thing that shows his personality. He is clear and to the point on what he speaks all through.


Confessing that he has just considered to settle down in life, Jagapathy Babu gives a lot more unknown insights into his life, his love for casinos, the mental trauma he went through when he lost money etc. Definitely worth watching!

Episode with LAILA – Transgender

This is an inspirational interview with transgender Laila. Laila who was born as Lakshman explains the agony and torture she went through in childhood. The way she was not recognised by her parents, her life as a transgender, marriage and a successful life that she leads now in the society without hiding her identity.


After the successful role of Lakshmipathy in Aha Naa Pellanta, Kota portrayed NTR in the film Mandaladeesudu which was mocked by the whole industry alike. His comeback from that and his successful journey, the pride of being an actor and how acting gives him immense satisfaction are discussed in this. If you love Kota, you must watch this.


Marking the 100th episode, Nagarjuna was roped in and it was a great choice. RK and Nagarajuna talk about everything common in their lives. Nagarjuna also talks about his dad, sons, wife etc. A pleasure to watch Nag talk!

Episode with Dr. GURUVA REDDY (MD, Sunshine Hospitals)

A fun filled episode where Dr. Guruva Reddy where he speaks about skills required for being a Doctor and what makes him successful after studying the profession. He also speaks about his proximity with celebrities and the relationship he share in treating them.

There would be other episodes which personally many of you would like. If you feel they are worth, please share them for others to watch in the comments section below.