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10 Childhood fun games


Chinnapudu manam prati period tarvata or every 1 hour or sometimes rojuki once friends tho konni bets lanti games pette vaallam. Veeti kosam time chustu untam. Ee games lo fun part is we get to beat mana friends ni. Best friends ante anthe kada mari…kottali lepali 😛

  1. Jolly1childhood-games

Mana palm corner meeda pen tho oka dot petkovali. Every interval we check if our friends have it. Unte sare. Lekapothe one shot on the back 😛 How many times did you forget to do it?

  1. Statue

Prati class tarvata bell kottagane first thing in mind..friends ki statue cheppali and “Move” or “Down” lanti words cheppe varaku kadaloddu. Mana kantri brains tho mana friends ni ‘close to getting caught’ position varaku teeskochi apudu move cheptunde kada 😛

  1. Pepsi

We should not talk until the same person calls our name out. Idi super fun unde. Teacher ochi manalni pilichina kuda mana friends mana name cheppakapotunde. And if at all we talk, one tight shot padtunde 😛

  1. Every interval Thumbsup

lo friends ki mana thumb finger up chupiyyali or else one punch on the back!!! Enni sarlu did you get hit ? 😛


Tell me you people did not do this in class, I will not give you any attendance 😛 this game is the funniest of all that we used to play!

  1. Tube Light

Tube light karaab aithe ela blink chestundo ala manam kalla reppali kottali until they ask us to stop. Meeru aadutunde na this game ?

  1. Red Hands

Mana palms anni one on one petti one by one kottali and kinda nunchi include cheyyali. Evarithe hand pain tho teesestharo vaalllu odipotharu. Kotti kotti hands red authay kabatti deeni peru Red Hands :p

  1. Raju Rani Chor Police

Ee game gurthu unda????? Lekapthe you missed some awesome childhood moments. 4 chits tho aadutunde. Super timepass!!

  1. Pen Fight

Prati bag lo oka virigpoina pen or almost broken pen petkuntam so that ee game lo break aina em parvaledu. Oka desk and two pens and no teacher are the required things for this game 😛

  1. Hand cricket

School nunchi intiki velle time lo or class lo teacher lenapudu or any small amount of free time kuda vadalakunda ee game tho busy aipotham. Dhoni world cup kuda intha serious ga aadadu emo 😛


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