10 Creative Ideas On How To Recycle Plastic Water Bottles


Recycling trash is always the best thing. Many have proved that we can create wonders with something that you usually throw in the trash. Out of all, we can create wonders with used plastic bottles. These flexible and transparent materials can be turned into many things with our creativity. We are here, presenting few ideas, have a look:

1. Vertical garden01We can do gardening with these plastic water bottles. Use them as plastic pots for your plants and hang them on your balcony. Aren’t they cool?

2. Sprinkler02Try to attach your water pipe to it and make few holes on the other hand. Your water sprinkler is ready!

3. Spoon Light03If you have some bunch of plastic spoons at your home along with water bottles, then combine them to get a spoon light like this.

4. Jewelry stand04Use the base of these water bottles and stick them to each other with the help of a small stand to turn this scrap into a beautiful jewelry stand.

5. Fencing05Yes, you can use water bottles set as a fencing to your place.

6. Cute planters06Cut these water bottles in the shape you want and keep your favorite indoor plant in it.

7. Pencil organisers07You can cut these water bottles in a perfect shape and use them as a pencil or marker organizers.

8. Bird Feeder08In this Summer Season, either fill these bottles with food or water for birds.

9. Purse09Yes, you can also prepare a cute bag with water bottles. Isn’t it adorable?

10. Decorative Item10Cut the base of the water bottles and color them. Just hang them in your bedroom to give an artistic look to your place.