10 Cricketers Who Defied Poverty To Reach Top Of The Game


By Lalith Vamsee

The neo-cricket era looks at cricketers through a different perspective. Cricketers have become celebrities who are seen as glamour kings, who bedeck fashion rags, date models and fix matches. Cricketers are often associated with money and are misconstrued to be avaricious. But, among all the incredibly rich and impressively famous cricketers, there are stories of some inspiring and enthralling lives of men who ascended from the debris of lopsided urbanization and unfair disasters.

These are stories that have a tinge of novelty, a trace of poetic justice, and a scintilla of cinematic episodes. The slides contain tales of Slumdog Millionaires, tsunami boys, hamlet heroes and a toilet cleaner. Here are 10 cricketers who have overcome struggles to reach the top, reckless their poor background

  1. Umesh Yadav (India). S/o Coal Miner (Labour)


2. Sunil Narine (West Indies) S/o Taxi Driver


3. Raymond Price (Zimbabwe) S/o Janitor

ray price

4. Mohammed Yusuf (Pakistan) S/o Labourer11 (Railway Dept.)


5. Manoj Tiwary (India) S/o Station Master


6. Mohammed Irfan (Pakistan) S/o PVC Pipe Factory Labour


7. Pathan Brothers (India) S/o Imam (priest) of Mosque


8. Dinesh Chandimal (SriLanka) S/o School Peon


9. Chris Gayle (West Indies) S/o Policeman

Chris Gayle

10. Nathan Lyon (Australia) S/o Cricket Pitch Curator


11. Mohammed Nabi (Afghanistan) S/o Shoe Maker

Mohammad Nabi

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