10 different characters you find in every batch


With colleges beginning their academic years, it is time to take a look at the most common phenomena in every batch, in every college.

There are a few characters who exist in every batch. Here’s a list:

Oka Mogaadu – The Actual Dude.batch

This guy mostly joins in the middle of the term and is from another state. He is good looking, intelligent and yet is friendly and popular. He is a hit with the girls and is always surrounded by other people in the batch.

Assembly Rowdy The Political Guy.batch

This guy is always politically active in the batch. He is the one who organizes the protests, strikes, and encourages the others to take part. He fights against the injustice of all sorts and is always asking other people to join him in his missions.

Missamma – The Class Hottie.batch

Every class has a Missamma, who is the prettiest girl in class, and only chooses to hang out with the other pretty girls. Missamma is popular, and in spite of the attention she gets from the other characters in the batch (who are mentioned below), she is mostly out of the league of the guys in class. Except of course the Oka Mogaadu, and the –

Mosagaadu – The Phekubatch

Mosagaadu is Pheku of the batch. If he has done X activity, he’ll claim to have done 7x about of work. The Mosagaadu of the batch generally has stories about his exploits and doesn’t tire of telling them over and over again, each time adding more and more masaala.

Maisamma IPS – The Ranker Girl.batch

Every batch also has a Ranker girl, who’s way better than the guys in everything. Maisamma IPS is out of bounds of every guy in the class, and a lot of people are actually scared of her. While she’s not the hottest girl in class, she certainly makes up for it with her wit, charm and intelligence. But her biggest fan in the class is the –

Muta Mestri – The Geekbatch

Muta Mestri of the batch loves everything related to studies and science. He’s the guy who can fix fans, tube lights and pens in the class. However, Muta Mestri’s social skills are miserable. He secretly longs for Maisamma IPS, but is scared of what she’ll say. Which results in him being the silent geek all his life. He is a friendly guy and is often helping his friends out during exams, but within his smiles, is a lot of pain and unrequited love.

Ladoo Babu – The fat guy.batch

Today, we all have to be politically correct. But back then, if you’re the fat kid in the batch, life is one eternal hell. People are just waiting to laugh at you, and every time you stand up, people are gearing up for laughter. Ladoo Babu is friendly, gets beaten by the teacher a lot, and yet continues to smile. Nobody knows if Ladoo Babu likes a girl because nobody asked him in the first place!

Mr. Bechara – The Sidekickbatch

Mr. Bechara always wanted to be the centre of attraction but unfortunately his limelight has been stolen by Oka Mogaadu and Assembly Rowdy. Which results in Mr. Bechara being a perennial sidekick. He helps the other guys in their exploits and is part of groups, but most of his life revolves around someone else, like a lost sperm.

Osay Ravulamma – The Behenjibatch

Every batch also has an Osay Ramulamma. She is not the most popular girl in the class, but she toes the line in academic and disciplinary matters. Desperate guys like the Mutha Mestri and Mr. Bechara will befriend her, but it’s mostly because they want to get friendly with the others. Osay Ravulamma could also be a major hindrance in others’ love lives because they constantly remind guys what dirty pigs they all are.

M. Dharmaraju MA – The Nerds11 characters-you-find-in-every-batch

These guys are good at studies, but aren’t very friendly. They are constantly studying, and want to become cool. But during exams time when you ask them for their notes, they are hesitant to part with them. The M. Dharmaraju MA’s of the batch are constantly reminding the others how useless their lives are, because they are performing well and making the others look like losers in comparison.

Miscellaneous : Kirayi Rowdilu, Thotti Gang12 characters-you-find-in-every-batch

These guys are a part of every group, and just go where the herd is heading. They are a part of drinking sessions, and DJ Night dances, but you only see them in a group.

So these are the ten characters from the 80s/90s that existed in every batch. Sometimes, we were one of the characters. Other times, we were many of them.

Which one were you? Share this article and tag your friends according to their characters.