10 easy and simple hairstyles for men and women


Who won’t love to do experiments with their hair for an ultra modern look? So, here are sharing some super cool hairstyles for both men and women. They can do them in just a few seconds. Check em out:

1. Stylish Braids1.-Stylish-Braids
2. Easy bun for short and long hair2.-Easy-bun-for-short
3. Twisted crown braid3.-Twisted-crown-braid
4. Messy bun4.-Messy-bun
5. Fishtail braid5.-Fishtail-braid
6. The bed head6.-The-bed-head
7. The short shag7.-The-short-shag (2)
8. The short crop8.-The-short-crop
9. The crew cut9.-The-crew-cut
10. The minimal spikes10.-The-minimal-spikes