10 Epic Love Stories In Telugu Film Industry


It is a well-known fact that Love is an integral part of Telugu movies. There are some incredible love stories in our Tollywood. One should accept that some of us have taken them as inspiration and also dreamt our love life should be like that. So, here we are discussing some romantic plots that remain fresh in the minds of the Telugu audience forever.

1. Devadasu (1953)1.-Devadasu
2. Anarkali (1955)2-Anarkali-1955
3. Prem Nagar (1971)3-Prem-Nagar-(1971)
4. Sitaara (1984)4-Sitaara-(1984)
5. Geethanjali (1989)5-Geethanjali-(1989)
6. Tholi Prema (1998)6-Tholi-Prema-(1998)
7. Kushi (2001)7.-Kushi-(2001)
8. Arya (2004)8-Arya
9. Ye Maaya Chesave (2010)9-Ye-Maaya-Chesave-(2010)
10. Oohalu Gusagusalade (2014)10-Oohalu-Gusagusalade-(2014)