10 Foods and Drinks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Childhood is the best time of life, and we had some iconic food items which hold a special place in our heart, we were all fortunate enough to experience them, kids from today’s generation have no idea about what these precious snacks meant to us, come let us take a nostalgic trip back to our childhood and experience them once again

Orange CandyUntitled design (23)


Phantom cigarette
Untitled design (24)


JellyUntitled design (25)


Magic PopsUntitled design (26)


PopsiclesUntitled design (27)


Ice Gola
Untitled design (28)


FatafatUntitled design (29)


Rooh afzaUntitled design (30)


Rol-a-colaUntitled design (31)


Center shockUntitled design (32)


Banta – Goli SodaUntitled design (33)

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