10 Foreign Countries Where Our Rupee Value Will Make You A Lavish Tourist

Five members undey oka gang lo 50K money untey chalu overnight Goa trip velli enjoy chesi vastuntaru. Manalo chala varaku Goa, Kerala, Ladakh lanti trips chala velli velli boar kotti untadi. And friends andariki common ga foreign trips velli enjoy cheyyalani unna budget and expenses vishayam lo drop avtha untam.

But, 50K ki inkonchem money add cheskoni regular ga Goa ki kakunda foreign trips vellochhu. 1 lakh budget lo foreign trips enta ani think chestunnara? Em ledu mana country lo rupee value avvocchu but Indonesia, Vietnam, Paraguay, Mongolia, lanti countries mana rupee value will make us rich and you can enjoy a trip like a lavish.

So rupee value ki rich ga unna foreign countries ki velli enjoy cheyalankuney aa countries list evo chusi mee gang tho foreign trip plan cheskondi ika.

1. Indonesia – 1 Indian Rupee = 208.53 Indonesian Rupiah.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Indonesia land of Islands, ee country worldwide newly wed couples andarikioka manchi honeymoon destination. Only couples ea kadu beaches, islands, enjoy chese buddy gangs ki Indonesia oka manchi foriegn trip experience isthundi. Indians ki arrival loney free VISA approval vasthundi.

2. Vietnam – 1 Indian Rupee = = 334.20 Vietnamese Dong.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Vietnam beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, and French colonial architecture tho tourists ni attract chesthundi ee Southeast Asian country. Vietnam streets lo chinese food, rivers lo kayaking lantivi main tourist attractions.

3. Cambodia – 1 Indian Rupee = 58.90 Cambodian Riel.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Cambodia anaganey Angkor Wat ane massive stone temple strike avthadi andariki. Ee country landscapes, museums, archaeological wealth lantivi main tourist attractions. Ee country ki western tourists chala major ga vasthuntaru. so nature and landscape sites enjoy cheyalnkuney vallu definite Cambodia vellochhu.

4. Paraguay – 1 Indian Rupee = 82.89 Paraguayan Guarani.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Saltos del Monday, 45 metres tall and 120 metres wide undey ee beautiful waterfalls chudadaniki worldwide chala mandi tourists veltha untaru. And Itaipu Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric dams on the planet one can visit.

5. Mongolia – 1 Indian Rupee = 31.84 Mongolian Tugrik

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Chengiz Khan lanti ruler ni icchina country Mongolia. Ee country lo main attraction Ulaanbaatar capital city is the country’s economic, cultural and political centre and has a number of tourist attractions and hosts the most varied types of entertainment.

6. Sri Lanka – 1 Indian Rupee = 2.32 Sri Lankan Rupee.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Srilanka mana neighbour country, Indians ki idi manchi holiday destination la maripoindi. Lanka lo undey beaches, mountains, lush greenery and historical monuments are main tourist spots one can enjoy. And flight prices kuda chala reasonable ga untayi it is a reason that Indians are visiting this country frequently.

7. Chile – 1 Indian Rupee = 9.51 Chilean Peso.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

South America Western edge lo 6000 km Pacific coastline ee country adventurous travel and tourism ki pettindi peru. Chile has a mountain range that is still growing and has many active volcano peaks as well.

8. Belarus – 1 Indian Rupee = 268 Belarusian Rubles.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Budget lo europian country visit cheyyali ankuney vallaki idi best option. modern architecture, deep forest trekkings, beautiful forts, and Russian culture experience cheyali ankuntey Belarus is best place to visit.

9. Tanzania – 1 Indian Rupee = 33.12 Tanzanian Shilling.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

Wildlife, Adventure, Nature, beautiful species of animals lanti things ee country lo thappa inka ea country lo reasonable prices ki chudalemu mana rupee value ikkada 30 times ekkuva. So 1Lakh budget petkuntey ea range lo enjoy cheyoccho miru ea decide avvandi.

10. Mauritius 1 Indian Rupee – 0.50 MUR.

Rupee Value Make You Lavish Tourist

For example flight charges pakkana peditey 50K lo 3 people lavish ga accommodation, beaches, sightseeing, islands ila chala enjoy cheyyocchu.

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