10 GIFs That Prove Aditya 369 Was The Coolest Film Of The 90s


Released in 1991, Aditya 369 captured the imagination of an entire generation of kids. For the first time, a film about time travel came on the screens, fueling a million dreams on impressionable minds.

But it wasn’t a serious, science-fiction film. Aditya 369 managed to retain the essence of Telugu cinema – funny dialogues, elaborate song and dances, comedians, and a love triangle – while at the same time giving us a wildly thrilling film that opened up the boundaries of imagination.

It is not surprising that Jandhyala wrote the dialogues of the film, and the scenes still make us roar with laughter.

Here are 10 GIFs that will take you back to your childhood, in the time machine of memories.

When we see the Time Machine for the first time.


That excitement when it begins travelling through time for the first time.

travelling back in time

And lands in the 16th century.


When we meet Tenali Raman in the royal court.

Tenali rama intro

When the constable lands up in a strange place and can’t believe his eyes.

Constable entering 16th century

And later when he gets stoned in the 16th century!!

Constable getting stoned

The epic dance face-off.

Dance face offAnd of course, Balayya Babu joins the party. Because, Balayya Babu!!

NBK dance

Travelling into the future!

Landing_in_the_Future (1)

And then the aerial traffic that is shown in the future

Future aerial traffic

Very smartly, Singeetham Srinivas Rao decided to place the film in the distant future. If he had shown us a vision of 2020, it would seem outdated today.

But Aditya 369 opened our minds to the ideas of time travel and future. In fact, while going back home from the movie, and for many many nights after watching it, we all fantasized about a time machine.

In its own way, Aditya 369 taught us to dream, to weave stories, to live an alternate life.

After all, isn’t that what movies aim to do!!