10 Gift Wrapping Ideas For Lazy People


Believe it or not, gift wrapping is one of the hardest things for lazy people. Nijam andi, okokasari pack cheyala? Ila icheste baguntademo anukuntam and sometimes, we did it also. So, just give a try to these gift wrapping ideas that you can do quickly and painlessly.

1. Instead of a smooth or uneven surface, go for hard surface, idhi chala time save chestundi. We lazy people, don’t want to spend much time for a gift wrapping right?Gift Wrapping Ideas (1)

2. Normal tape kakunda try to use double-stick tape to speed up your process.Gift Wrapping Ideas (2)

3. Me intlo colorful fabric kanaka untey, try to use it. Instead of going to shop it, an old fabric use cheseyandi.Gift Wrapping Ideas (3)

4. Me deggara old sweaters untey avi kuda vadeyochandi.Gift Wrapping Ideas (4)

5. Sometimes not all the gifts are in proper shape, alantapudu oka paper bag ni use cheyandi and decorate it with some buttons. Trust me, oka elegant look vastadi.Gift Wrapping Ideas (5)

6. Meru newspaper ni kuda some attractive gift wrapping laga vadeskovachu.Gift Wrapping Ideas (6)

7. Manam grocery ki ellinapudu chala paper bags vastayi, bayataku velli em kontam gift wraps anknapudu, ivi meeku baga help avtayi.Gift Wrapping Ideas (7)

8. Gift tags levanukondi, manam playing cards kuda use cheyochu vati place.Gift Wrapping Ideas (8)

9. Ribbon always gives the elegant feel to a gift wrap. Tie ribbon around plain, unwrapped boxes.Gift Wrapping Ideas (9)

10. In case ribbon ledanukondi, inkenduku late me creativity vadeyandi, use paper tape to create the illusion of well-tied ribbon.Gift Wrapping Ideas (10)