10 interesting facts about M.Visvesvarayya garu


15th September every year is celebrated as the National Engineer’s Day in our country. Ee celebration is in remembrance of the greatest Engineer the country has ever had, Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. The dedication, passion and the achievements he has done as an engineer and a human are countless. On his memory, let us all recall some interesting things about this legend and take some inspiration out of it.

1. He served as the chief engineer during construction of Krishna Raja Sagara on the Kaveri River near Mysore.1 Visvesvarayya gaaru

2. The dams built under his supervision are living testimonies to his engineering skills, intelligence, great work and dedication.2 Visvesvarayya gaaru

3. He designed a flood protection system to protect our Hyderabad from floods.3 Visvesvarayya gaaru

4. He is known as the “Father of modern Mysore state” as he played the key role in the foundation of the Mysore Soap Factory, the Parasitoid laboratory, the Mysore Iron & Steel Works (now known as Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited) and other ventures.4 Visvesvarayya gaaru

5. He was also awarded honorary Membership of London Institution of Civil Engineers for an unbroken period of 50 years.5 Visvesvarayya gaaru

6. He was knighted as a Commander of the Indian Empire by King George V for his contribution in the field of engineering.6 Visvesvarayya gaaru

7. He was the master behind designing roads between Tirumala and Tirupathi.7 Visvesvarayya gaaru

8. He worked to develop a system to protect the Visakhapatnam port from soil erosion.8 Visvesvarayya gaaru

9. He was the planner of the Indian economy in 1934.9 Visvesvarayya gaaru

10. He was the Bharat Ratna Award recipient in the year 1955 by the Indian Government.10 Visvesvarayya gaaru

Happy Engineer’s day to all the successful and to-be-successful engineers.